What to do when you don’t have the experience for the job that you want

People think of their resume as a collective of their education, skills and professional experience. Many employers rely on resumes as a form of job applications for open positions within their organizations. Thus it is very important that you have a well-written resume prepared when searching for jobs. Creating a resume is not an easy […]

How to properly format your resume

Having a well-formatted resume is almost as important as having a well-written resume. Most employers receive a stack of resumes of qualified candidates and scan them quickly before they decide whether or not they want to read further. In addition to keywords, what stands out the most about your resume is its format. It is […]

How to write a professional summary for your resume

In today’s competitive job market, employers rely on well-written resumes screening potential candidates. In many instances, employers look through job search websites, such as HotJobs.com or Monster.com, to find professionals with skills, education, and experience that fit their needs. These employment search websites, along with many companies’ own online applications, require candidates to upload their […]