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How to buy the best mattress.A good mattress can go a long way to ensuring you get a good night's sleep.Finding a mattress you find comfortable and suits your budget can be tricky.Five minutes of feeling things out on a bustling show floor won't help you figure out which brands and models are comfortable and Southbridge Platform Bed by Charlton Home long lasting. We can help you work out what type and size of mattress is best for you, and even how to save 50% or more on your next purchase. How to choose a comfortable mattress.Comfort is subjective, but understanding mattress firmness and the differences in mattress type will help you narrow the field when it comes to testing a mattress instore.How firm should my mattress be?It all comes down to your preferred sleeping position:Firm: If you sleep on your stomach, a firm mattress will keep your spine aligned.Medium: If Morell Ivy Bronx Upholstered Standard Bed by Ivy Bronx you sleep on your back, it'll Joel Solid Wood 2 Piece Bedroom Set By Beachcrest Home by Beachcrest Home Best #1 provide support for your spine, back and neck while keeping you comfortable.Soft: Great for sleeping on your side because it'll support and contour your body's curves.But be warned: we've found that most retailers' firmness claims don't match the bed being sold. We do body support and stability tests when we test mattresses, so check out our mattress reviews to see what we found.

Is this Joel Solid Wood 2 Piece Bedroom Set By Beachcrest Home by Beachcrest Home Best #1 more for a or a formal ?

What type of mattress is best?.It really depends on your personal preference. For example, you may find a spring mattress supports your spine while a foam finish feels a bit too solid.We explain the pros and cons, and price range, for the different types of mattresses. What size mattress do I need?.Retailers and manufacturers recommend buying the largest bed your room can accommodate, and the length of the mattress should be at least 10-15 centimetres longer than the tallest person sleeping on it.

Is this Joel Solid Wood 2 Piece Bedroom Set By Beachcrest Home by Beachcrest Home Best #1 more for a or a formal ?

How to test a mattress instore.Take your time: Most people need seven to nine hours sleep a night. A couple of minutes on your back won't come close to replicating this experience. Lie down for as long as you need though you probably shouldn't spend the night.Move about: Roll over, sit up, get in and out of the bed. Ease of movement contributes to comfort. It will take more effort if the Pless Upholstered Storage Standard Bed by House of Hampton mattress is too soft, and will feel uncomfortable on your hips and shoulders if it's too firm.Sleep on Joel Solid Wood 2 Piece Bedroom Set By Beachcrest Home by Beachcrest Home Best #1 slats (or a base): Make sure the bed base in the shop is similar to the one you have at home. If you have fixed slats or a hard surface, a soft Elizabeth Street Upholstered Platform Bed by Mercury Row mattress will feel very different on top of that, rather than the ensemble base it's resting on in the shop.Bring your partner: If you share a bed with someone regularly or every night, bring them along and ask them to lie in the bed and move around. Be aware of how the bed moves on your side when your partner moves.Don't shop tired: All the mattresses will feel great if you're already sleepy!Ask the salesperson to leave: While they may be friendly and helpful, few of us are able to really relax when someone is hovering around.Ask questions about the display model: The mattress you test in store could have been on display for two days, two weeks or even two months, with hundreds of customers potentially trying them out over that period. This will affect sag, firmness, support and so on.Ask if there's a comfort guarantee: Most manufacturers don't offer a guarantee on comfort, so you probably can't return it if it doesn't feel right. That said, there are a few brands that do, so it always pays to ask. Jump to Can I return a mattress? for more info.Lift it up: Lift up the display model to gauge the weight. Some mattresses are quite heavy which can make transport, flipping and rotation difficult especially if you do it alone.

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How to get the best deal on a mattress.Retailers leave a significant amount of wiggle room in the price. In fact, you're getting ripped off if you settle for RRP.We shaved at least half and even two-thirds off the asking price while shopping for most of the mattresses in our recent tests by using the following tricks:Wait for a sale: They take place regularly and can bring the price down by as much as 50%.Head in store: Deals are generally better instore than online.Haggle: We rarely encountered a salesperson who wasn't willing to shave a few hundred dollars off the asking price, even during a sale.Buy in bulk: Our discounts improved when we bought at least two beds at once, which may be handy if you're refurnishing a house.Consider exclusive ranges: Retailers such as Snooze, Forty Winks and Fantastic stock exclusive brands. We found that salespeople are much more inclined to sell these over third-party brands. Snooze, for example, offered us a much better discount on their exclusive Madison range when we expressed interest in buying a Sealy.

Can't figure out a color to paint my that will go with my color that is Green Apple?

How to haggle.Haggling can be tricky, particularly if you're not overly confident. But you don't need to be a smooth-talking, wheeling and dealing sort to take advantage of potential savings. After a little back-and-forward with salespeople, we asked this question:What's the best you can do?"That's it, or some sort of variant.Remember, you're there to buy, they're there to sell. You're not establishing a lifelong friendship, and they're not going to throw you out for asking.Mattress mark-ups are so high, you don't need to do much when it comes to saving money, which is why this question works.

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